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The way we market is changing.

Customers no longer purchase a product or service; they purchase an experience, a way of life, a set of beliefs or a cause worth fighting for.

To build influence and loyalty you need to create more than a business, you need to create a brand that is authentic, emotive and engaging.

At Creative Marks Branding Studio, we don’t just build brands that are striking and creative; we build brands that capture the hearts and minds of their customers, and give you a true sense of purpose.

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Brand Clarity Coaching Session

Get clear on your brand

Ensure your vision is clear, your message is authentic and you build a brand your clients want to engage with through a Brand Clarity Coaching Session either via Skype or in person.


New Brand

Tell the right brand story from the start

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a new business is not getting clear on your real value. From day one, we can help you uncover the keys to getting into the hearts and minds of your customers thus claiming your niche. We’ll help you tell a story that truly matters.



Breathe new life into an existing brand

This is about taking your business to the next level up and shining the light on your unique difference in your competitive industry. Whether you have only been in business for a few years or a few decades, we help you evolve your brand so your business can reach its full potential.


Branded Environments

Create a living brand

The most effective brands are alive; they continue to build a relationship with customers and key stakeholders. With environmental graphics you can physically engage people with your brand and evolve your business to be a living inspiration.


Graphic Design for Architecture

Make a Statement

With over 7 years’ experience in architectural graphic design we can help you create the visual impact you want with technical prowess to get your message across loud and clear.

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Self-Storage Brand

Disrupt with Design

Want to build your self-storage business? We’ll help you reposition your brand from a practical and functional purchase to an essential lifestyle choice that gives people room to grow.

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Success Stories

I’ve had the privilege to work with Atol on a number of client projects and I’m always impressed with his approach to design. Taking the time to get to know the ‘why’ behind the business Atol captures the essence, culture and point of difference of the brands he works and creatively tells their story through the logos and designs he creates.
Amanda Jesnoewski, Velocity Media
When I saw my website for the first time, I couldn’t stop smiling; I was so happy and pleased. He totally nailed it in every possible way. This website reflects my business and who I am in a way I couldn’t have come up with without Atol’s expertise and genius!
Devi Kuebli, Psychotherapist & Relationship Counsellor
Not only did he do everything he said he would, he delivered far more than I expected in a timely and efficient way; it can be challenging putting together a highly effective website but Atol has done this. If you’re thinking of getting a website designer, don’t hesitate. You will be so glad you did.
Chris Borrett, Business & Personal Coach at BizLeap
We were impressed with his attention to detail and his practical sense of how this would translate to the modern retail marketplace. His input and suggestions have helped us develop and enhance the range of our marketing material across all our touch points and position ourselves visually as the market leader. I’m more than satisfied with the outstanding results and am happy to recommend Atol to other brands.
Michael Tate, CEO of Storage King Group Australia
Working with an experienced and responsive designer like Atol was great. We gave him our logo and contact details and that was it! Atol did the rest and the results were excellent. He brought a unique approach to the project. His input and suggestions have helped us refine, refresh and enhance our marketing materials and position ourselves visually as the market leader. I’m more than satisfied with the great results.
Marcus Gould, Vengent Australia Pty Limited
We enjoyed working through this to get a brand outcome that matched our vision. We are now able to complete the whole rebranding exercise. Your service was definitely greater than our expectations. We would certainly recommend you to other companies.
Terry Eames, Director at SurePayd
Atol has a rarity in his field which goes far beyond training and experience and that is a trained and keen eye for what just feels right – a rare insight and intuition. This is rare and valuable. It is this intuition which has created extremely defining work for our practice which has won acclaim from our clients and given the group a unique graphic identity. Atol has a valued understanding of client and market needs and balances this with a fine artistic sensibility.
Susanne Pini, Retail director of HDR/Rice Daubney
Atol is a leading example of quality service delivery and has demonstrated to us that his abilities as a brand designer are of the highest level.
John Hebrard, Manager of Small Business Solutions, Tafe QLD

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